"Creating future champions in the ring and on the stand"

Home of Elite buck & does(past and present)

SG Left Foot Farm Seventh Heaven

SG Sugar Moon V Zuni

SG Eagle Meadows Victorious

SG Eagle Meadows Flurryheart

SG Eagle Meadows Beaulita

SG Eagle Meadows Fancy Pants

SG *B Sugar Moon RB Victory

Welcome to Eagle Meadows Farm!!
Located in Dillsburg Pennsylvania. We began raising Nigerian dwarf dairy goats in 2012. 
We found the right mentor to help guide us in our start to raising our goats.
Our herd started with two does from Sans Gene Farm. They are our valuable foundation girls.
We see our Nigerians as dairy goats and have been working hard at proving they are that.  I do NOT  breed for color, moonspots, blue eyes or wattles.  If we have a flashy color pop up that is great but the goat will not be kept just because of that color.  All goats that have been purchased have been research to the fullest.
I am blessed to have some of the top lines in the country. From top ten milk does, elite bucks and does to National champion lines.  We are achieving our goal of excellent show animals as well as top milkers. 
I want to have full sized looking dairy goats just wrapped up in a small package.  Striving to have larger teats, smooth rounded udders and great milk production. 
We participate in linear appraisal and the DHIA program.  Our herd tests for CAE and will be testing on a every other year program for CL and Johnes. 
Our goal is to be showing and promoting the breed, milk production, creating artisian cheeses, and making lotion/soap products. As well as enjoying our silly loving goats.
Check out our new goat soap business at Bouncinggoatsoapco.com


Located in Dillsburg, Pa

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